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First Presbyterian Labyrinth
Located in the Fellowship Hall
Open for Personal Prayer
Sunday Mornings before worship (8:15am) or after (10:15am)
Monday-Thursday 9:00-12:00pm

Please contact the office for availability


How to Walk a Labyrinth
The best way to walk a labyrinth is the way that works for
you. Slow down, relax, put one foot in front of the other,
and let the Spirit and your body guide you.
Here are some broad guidelines.
Three rules:
1. Slow down. Be mindful. Don’t crowd.
2. Those going out make way for those coming in.
3. No shoes. (Applies to indoor labyrinths only.)
Four suggestions
1. Let the center of the labyrinth represent the heart of
where you want to journey. For many the center
represents God.
2. Use a repetitive prayer, mantra, bible verse or simple
song to focus yourself.
3. Be aware – of your body, your breath, your location
in the labyrinth.
4. Walk the entire labyrinth, both in and out.
How Pastor Fritz walks a labyrinth
1. On the way in seek total emptiness. Focus on your
steps, the muscles in your feet, your breathing or
your heartbeat. Sing a simple, repetitive song. Try
to clear your mind of everything. Become nothing.
2. Pause in the center to receive the embrace of God.
Celebrate God’s love for you. Celebrate the worth
and value God gives you. Give yourself a hug.
3. On the way out, pray. Start with yourself, then those
closest to you, expanding the circle of those for
whom you’re praying as you move further from the

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